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Point to Success.

A distinct laser line helps drivers to back their trucks up to the loading dock. This speeds up the work improves work safety and reduces the risk of accidents. A laser is a cost-effective alternative to painted road-surface markings that are not visible in the dark, and get buried under the snow during the winter months. Lasers are also suitable for other loading-related tasks, such as marking lift zones and pallet areas.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the length of the laser line? Is the laser line equally bright throughout? Is the laser beam eye-safe for loading dock workers? Read answers to these and many more questions from our blog. 

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Laser guide for loading docks

Laser is easy to install to loading docks and align to the driving direction.
Laser guide for loading docks
Line laser
Ø 25 mm

Wavelength: 520 nm (green)

Output power: 6 mW*
Ingress protection: IP67

Mounting height: at least 3 m

What`s in the box:

a laser and mounting bracket with 3-axis adjustment


weather cover if needed

*The output power is measured at a distance of 100 mm from the end of the laser, according to laser safety standard IEC 60825-1