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Point to Success.

A distinct laser line helps drivers to back their trucks up to the loading dock. This speeds up the work, improves work safety, and reduces the risk of accidents. A laser is a cost-effective alternative to painted road-surface markings that fade over time, are not visible in the dark, and get buried under snow during the winter months. Lasers are also suitable for other loading-related tasks, such as marking lift zones and pallet areas.
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Green line laser for loading docks
Reliable operation

Our first-rate lasers can withstand even the coldest winter nights in the north.

Highly visible
Safety first

Power is evenly distributed throughout the whole beam, making it safe for the eyes.

A green laser line is visible on both dark and light surfaces -

day and night.

Laser guide for loading docks

Our laser products are customisable for all needs and requirements.
Laser guide for loading docks
Line laser
Ø 25 mm



Wavelenght: 520 nm

Optical power: 50 mW

Optical element: line


constant intensity power distribution)