Keypoint aims to win the global market with 4D radars that replace CCTV

Keypoint Oy, a Jyväskylä-based family business, is expanding into the global markets. The company has carefully laid the groundwork for global growth, and is now looking for new opportunities, initially in the Nordic countries and later in other European countries. This is the right time to make a bold move, considering that the 21st century is widely thought to be the century of photonics. In fact, the EU has identified photonics as a key technology that, much like nanotechnology, supports competitiveness in various sectors.

Silva Orkosalo-Paananen and Jorma Orkosalo. Photonics Company Keypoint.
Silva Orkosalo-Paananen and Jorma Orkosalo.

Keypoint is not a newcomer to the photonics industry – it has been manufacturing industrial lasers since 1991, and intelligent laser therapy devices since 2011. Keypoint has had a few dozen international customers, most of them subsidiaries of Finnish industrial and health technology companies.

So far, growth targets have been moderate. This year, to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the company is launching a photonics based, 60~64 GHz 4D radar.

“In the early 1990s, I realised that laser diodes would soon replace gas lasers. Based on market intelligence, I am now convinced that 4D mmWave radars will replace, or reduce the use of surveillance cameras in human surveillance. The General Data Protection Regulation poses a few challenges for CCTV solutions,” says Keypoint’s founder Jorma Orkasalo, winner of the diamond entrepreneur cross awarded by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises on 27 March 2021.

Novel sensor ensures anonymity

The point cloud solution used in 4D radars ensures that the identity of subjects remains protected, making 4D radars a more secure alternative to conventional CCTV systems. Unlike other detectors, the 4D radar is able to distinguish individuals in all circumstances. What makes the 4D radar so unique is its ability to detect the subject’s direction and velocity.

“By measuring direction and velocity we can predict behaviours. This data will enable a faster response in exceptional situations, and the optimisation of building technology and many other intelligent automation systems,” explains Silva Orkosalo-Paananen, Keypoint’s Managing Director.

4D radar will gradually replace CCTV in applications where privacy is a key concern. Keypoint’s 4D radar will be piloted in a child welfare institution.

“Everything points to a growing market for 4D radars, and we believe our 4D radar solution will generate significant business growth for us going forward. Laser technology will also remain a key business area for us, with our focus on promoting laser therapies.”

“But our first and foremost goal is to pursue continuous learning. This was the advice my father Jorma gave me six years ago when he handed the business over to me,” Orkosalo-Paananen says.

Keypoint Oy is a Jyväskylä-based company engaged in the photonics industry. It develops, manufactures and sells industrial lasers, intelligent Theralux laser therapy devices and 4D radars. Founded in 1991 by Jorma Orkosalo, the family business has since 2015 been run by Orkosalo’s daughter, Silva Orkosalo-Paananen. Keypoint Oy employs seven people. Suomen Yrittäjät – the Federation of Finnish Enterprises – awarded Jorma Orkosalo a diamond entrepreneur cross in recognition for his outstanding 30-year career as an entrepreneur.


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